GT-VX1 and now the GT-VX2 Explorer.


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Jul 2, 2007
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Denis Schoemaker the man behind Gyro Technic Inc is already familiar to many Form members who were at Mentone or who have been reading about his various activities from over ten years ago when he built his first Gyro.

He has built over 11 gyros and finally decided to go into the business. His initial model the GT-VX1 is a well developed, stable, light and agile single seater with a Rotax 582. It has gone through various iterations and variations before being produced as a kit, which is available for shipping right now.

Due to the number of enquiries he has received about the possibility of a model with a 912, this has now begun with the ‘Explorer’.

He has also been building his Razor Blade rotors with flight testing and destruction tests ongoing.

Denis has a long history of custom machine automation and developmental engineering, his standards are set very high, and he personally test flies every new improvement to ensure its safety, integrity and suitability for intended purpose.

He fully intends to be attending Bensen Days, Sun’n Fun, Mentone, Oskosh and a number of other event in 2020 to demonstrate his Razor Blades, show his GT-VX models, and other associated precision machined gyro parts that he presently has on offer. For a view of this the website and facebook page are both up and running.

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