Groen Brothers SparrowHawks to be Built in China by New Joint Venture


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PRESS RELEASE -January 20, 2011 — Groen Brothers Aviation Inc. announced this week that its wholly owned subsidiary, Groen Brothers Aviation International LLC, and China’s Guangzhou Suntrans Aviation Science and Technology Co. Ltd. will produce light gyroplanes in China based upon the SparrowHawk design. The new company, Foshan Suntrans-Groen Aviation Co. Ltd. (FSG Aviation), is a cooperative joint venture (CJV) and will be located in China.

FSG Aviation will assemble, manufacture, sell, and provide related services for the aircraft, including the SparrowHawk III. The company stated that it expects FSG Aviation will reintroduce the SparrowHawk III Kit into the U.S. and world markets, followed over the next few years by a fully assembled light gyroplane.

“An aircraft that’s easy and safe to fly, highly maneuverable, and needing only a very short runway, which is essentially what the SparrowHawk Gyroplane is, ought to be very popular in China, as the country opens up to a new generation of private pilots,” said Al Waddill, GBA vice president of business development. The Chinese government recently announced opening airspace below 3,000 meters to the public.

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