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On the second dose, you need to be prepared to take a whole day off and take 2 or 3 pain meds that day. It may feel like crap and that is the sign that vaccine is working. For some that are older even the first shot can create the same symptoms.
My brothers and cousins are doctors and some of them are in front lines and they have all taken the vaccine by now.
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It would be wise after ANY injection to stay on the ground to verify no adverse effects, why should the covid jab be different ? Inflight is not the time to have a "dizzy spell"
Not that it matters but I got dose #1 on January 12th and dose #2 February 9th Moderna. No issues other than injection site bruised feeling, my normal reaction to every and any injection I have ever received in my Military and civilian careers. But out of the abundance of caution, the military would ground us up to 10 days at times. I have had no abnormal reactions to this vaccine. Todays needles are so much sharper than the "old days" when my dad used to boil and sharpen the needles himself, (he was an MD). You don't even feel the injection if the nurse is on the ball and most are. When you heard those needles and syringes "clanking" in the boiling water on the stove, take for the hills because you knew Dad was coming to get you for another shot.
I received my two doses of COVID-19 Vaccination. 1st dose, no symptoms. Not even a sore arm. 2nd dose, still no sore arm, but felt tired on the second day after the second dose and had to take a midday nap. No other symptoms presented.

CDC says older people (>55 years for Pfizer and >65 years for Moderna) will often experience much less symptoms after receiving the vaccine than younger people. Quite the opposite as compared to contracting the COVID-19 virus.

(Read the section: Patient Counseling - Reactogenicity)

Chris, when I was a child I remember that all my inoculations hurt like hell. The pediatrician I went to had a nurse, Miss Richards, that was not feminine at all. My Mom told me that she was an Army Nurse during WW2. I swore that she could no longer torture soldiers because the war was over, so she became a Pediatric Nurse to torture children with her injections.

We all know that cartoon characters of people that are drawn are based on a real person. When I first saw this drawing, I KNEW "Miss Richards" was the model because this is exactly how she looked!



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