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Recently I had the pleasure of flying with the Phenix.
The truth is that it was a pleasant surprise to see the benefits of this amazing machine.
I am from a village in Alicante, where we have a poor track 180 meters and the unit took off smoothly with two people at 150 meters.
The feeling of driving a front-engined autogyro is so nice. I ULM pilot, and I go to gyroplanes years ago, I drove Air Command, Magni and Future, all with rear engine arrangement.
Equipment being nice to fly, do not compare in the slightest to Phenix, fly right, has a rate of climb that really impresses and performs great flight.
It reaches 140 km / h without problems, maintaining that steady cruising speed.
The next day I will hang the pictures I did in this fantastic day that I will remember, because I really think there is a before and after in my life autogyro pilot, after flying in Phenix.


Trying to raise the pictures

Trying to raise the pictures

Sorry for my delay in uploading pictures of Phenix, but I had little time to connect and then to be new to the forum, I cleared a lot with how to dump the photos.
The issue is that the photos I did with a camera more or less good, and were too heavy to download in the forum, so until I knew the formula to reduce the size by photoshop, I have taken time.
Again apologies.


gus0353, those are nice pictures. We are glad you enjoyed the visit to Carlos and flying the Phenix.

How did you feel about the performance getting two grown men, fuel and the ship out of there, pretty good huh?

If any gyro can, the Phenix can!
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He would probably try to land on the White House lawn like they did with the earlier ships!

Good thing we have a Police Phenix in the works with a Kevlar Protection Package…not sure it will stand up to an F16, but I bet they can't turn and burn like a Phenix :plane:


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Tony that´s a good and nice question.

I think in general Juan would be a bit dissappointed because he would probably expect to see his invention more integrated into the general aviation. But, although slowly, things are changing. Look at advanced projects like the Hawk and Carter Copter. Look at the growing interest the gyroplane is generating as a true working platform. There´s also many interesting gyros around and also new ones arising so I´m convinced that it´s the time for an important evolution and I´d love to be part of it.

All I can say is that I have always been proud of being a spaniard like Juan and also for dedicating a long part of my life to gyroplane development.

Let´s hope that finally the gyroplane finds it´s way to a well deserved place in the aviation family. The best is yet to come, I´m sure!

I agree with Carlos. The gyroplane is the sibling of the airplane and the grandfather of the helicopter.

It has been forgotten by time in favor of the speed of fast fixed wing aircraft and the amazing feats of hovering helicopters, all fantastic machines in their own right.

But don't count out the gyroplane, it has all the utility of an airplane and can do many of the things a helicopter can do, all for a fraction of the cost.

We believe that Maestro Juan de la Cierva would be proud of the Phenix, like a father who has watched a child grown into an adult.

He might be a bit perplexed by the internet, computers and a thing called Facebook, but I bet he would be happy seeing our Facebook page at

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YAY! I was the first to "like" your FaceBook page!!

I'm a fan of the tractor design even though we don't make them.
Good on you guys. I wish you all the best.
That is too funny. You had me laugh out loud when I read your post. Needed that, thanks :yo:

Count on a Jedi to search us out first.

We think we are on the right track :) Thanks for the good wishes, lets hope it goes well for all of us.


I had tried so far only gyros with propellers propeller, since the Phenix probe with tractor propeller, I felt dramatically better change in the response of the device in all aspects of flight.
So I think that Juan de la Cierva would feel proud of the work of Charles in Phenix.
Congratulations Carlos