Go Go Gadget Up For Sale

Rick Whittridge

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Well Guys after much thought :Cry: I have decided to part with my Prize Gyro. Here is your chance to own one of the most Awarded, Viewed, Talked about, Photographed, Drooled on Bensen on the planet! I'm offering the Gadget just before the PRA Convention so if you are traveling to the convention you can stop by & pick it up. I wont be at the convention.
Details: Current Reg, Super Mac, CDI ign, Hyd brakes, Pre rotator, 23` Rotordyne Blades

I'm offering this Gyro here on the Forum first for all members, If it doesn't sell here soon I will be advertising it elsewhere to the world.
Hang it from your ceiling, Put it in your Museum, Add it to your Man Cave, or just Fly it! Once in a lifetime Offer!

I don't have time for a lot of questions so if you want this Gyro please PM me. Please don't contact me if you cant afford this beautiful Machine! First person with 20K in my hand gets the Gadget! No Trades! No negotiation! PM me if you are serious about owning this Gyro


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