Gil's Hornet build.

Those are the same instruments I have on my gyro Gil. They are very very light. The only issue I have with the E-3 is that it is alot of info for a small display, but, I am a bit older than you.

I might have one of those aluminum tanks if your interested.
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I'll check my hangar next time I'm out there Gil.
Gil your concern on crash-worthiness of the fuel tank is a very valid one. I also looked at that second lot you are looking at.

Building encompasses a host of compromises, amongst which cost complexity and weight play a large part, certainly in aircraft.

I was always told, if it isn't on the machine one of those last three was generally your answer.

We had accumulated the ounces here and ounces there by beefing up structure until we had ruled out 103. Also gone over budget, and ran into problems with various family, health, and financial complications.

Our tanks, for now, are simple light and easy enough to replace for something sturdier once we find out how well we perform, and when we find something we like better. But I certainly applaud your aims.

Stu has been commenting that it has been pretty darn warm recently.
The Stratomaster engine monitor gauge is available in a 3.5 in version called the maxi-single e-1 or e-3 that might be a good alternative for an easier to read device. If I did it again, I believe I'd opt for the larger display. It isn't enough of an issue to make me change from the 2.25 version I already am using. The asx-1 smart single alt/airspeed 2.5" is a good size.
Front Wheel

Front Wheel

Hi, not much accomplished today, but the front wheel is on:

Gil's Hornet build.
Blitz fuel jugs work great in ultralight vehicles.The way the handles are shaped allow you to run your fuel lines in side the tank and they are trapped.Simple and have many years of good results.
You can see what I am talking about at
Look at the bottom of the home page.Enjoy Jason BTW:The yellow aircraft is mine and you can see me flying it in one of the pics.
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I just got photos from Scott of my 447, as he is rebuilding it and seemingly doing a great job.. It turns out that the engine is in good shape.. Thanks Tom! Also in the works is my 2Lbs carbon fiber seat from Sportcopter, which should be completed soon. No more parts buying for me until next year, except for some hardware and maybe aluminum angle for the seat braces. I'll be pretty busy with what I have now. I can't wait to get the landing gear parts, but that will have to wait a little bit..

Gil's Hornet build.
Hi Gil, I am not a builder so I don't follow the build threads. I read through yours today and was excited to see the progress you are making and enjoyed hearing about the choices and how you evaluated them. Hope to see you in the air soon.
How do you tell if your crankshaft assembly is good to go?

Thanks Gil DeV

Gil, The crankshaft is inspected for rust/corrosion on the bearings and rod ends, checked for pitting, then I set them in a set of V blocks and do a run out check.
If everything checks good you can replace the seals and use again.
Rotax recommends replacement at 300 hours, but I have seen cranks go 800 plus when taken care of. That is up to the engine owner.

Gil's engine was stored properly, all openings were sealed and it was kept dry, plus further inspection revealed that it was a low time engine evident by the wear in the cylinders and wear,or lack of wear on the piston rings and pistons. Carbon build up etc. I would estimate that is was under 100 hours.


I just got my seat from Sportcopter! It is amazingly light for it's size. It could have been four inches narrower and that would have been perfect.. Jon, you might want to make a regular size model.. That one looks like it was made for a 400Lbs pilot.. Anyway, I am happy with it. Price was $350, and it is worth it. Shipping however was $126 because of the bulk, and that was a hard pill to swallow. The most expensive ounces on an aircraft are those not there.. At less than 2Lbs, it will help me stays under 254Lbs, and hopefully use a drag racing fuel cell for a tank (8Lbs).

Now I am broke, and won't buy anything until next year. Next step, the seat braces and landing gear parts..

Gil's Hornet build.
Gil that seat looks awesome. Wooooohoooooo. Now you are broke! LOL Welcome to my world :( Anyways. I am glad you are making progress I'd love to see this project get airborne soon :)
Hey keep on keep'n on you are getting there!!!

I enjoy you build thread it's looking good.
Hi Guys,

Latest update. I stopped by the airport on Friday morning to pick up my Rotax 447 from Scott, who did a great job with it. It was nice to meet him in person. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to mingle, and only saw Joe briefly, then left.

So, total cost for the 447 was $2250, for a low time rebuilt engine; not bad.

Next step will be the landing gear, before I put the engine on. I am hoping to get some Delrin blocks from Denis (Hi Denis ;-) who I think is very busy building his Hornet. The stuff he makes is definitely worth the wait though..!

I put my build blog pages in a separate category:

Hopefully I will be posting again soon, after I save up a few bucks to place an order at Aircraft Spruce..