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Hello Everyone,

First, let me apologize for essentially "letting the forum go" over the past year. I've had a number projects going and the forum didn't get the attention it needed.

Over the past few days I'm sure most noticed the forum crashed. After working through the weekend to recover things, we are back up and running on a new server.

I have contracted with a firm to provide server maintenance and management to ensure the issues we have experienced will not happen in the future.

You will also notice the SSL certificate has been updated and you will no longer be getting the unsecure site message.

In addition, after doing some reading and research I have decided to convert the forum from vBulletin to Xenforo. The vBulletin platform has served us well since 2003 but according to most people in the know, there are better options available now.

The conversion to Xenforo is also being completed by the same firm and is scheduled for this upcoming Friday the 17th.

This week I will be cleaning up our database and making a list of questions to address before the conversion.

Please let me know of any problems you are having or questions you have in regards to the forum.

Going forward I will be asking for volunteers to help moderate the forum. In the past, Mike Gaspard and Ron Awad have both served as moderators. While they may want to continue, I think some new blood to help start discussions and keep things on track will help get this forum back up and running like in the past. If you're interested in acting as a moderator for a particular topic area, please shoot me a message.

Once again, I apologize for the disrepair. I hope to be back on the right track and hopefully we'll have an active community once again.

Todd Powell
Rotary Forum Admin


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Todd, no real need to apologize that our FREE forum has been done lately.
I ran one with thousands of members, no charge, and know what work it is.

Thank you for this venue, and all your time and expense to keep it going!



Aussie in Kansas.
Thank you Todd for this platform of information for Rotary Wing enthusiasts! We look forwards to the new format & appreciate all your past support ( yes life gets in the way for all of us & sometimes good enterprises get put on the back-burner!)
with appreciation for your faithfulness in maintaining the integrity of this wonderful knowledge archive & discussion platform!



Thanks to all who make this forum possible... I hope we may soon go back to the 'old days', enjoying a simple and transparent interface...


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I haven't done a single " Moderator ' task since the forum was changed to this style forum.... I am guessing its been years since I have logged on as a mod. In all honesty, I HATE the way this forum looks and operates compared to the older version of it. Thankful it exists as there is SO much good content from over the years that is important for people to have access to, but I just don't use it much these days. So as for moderation, If I am removed as a moderator I won't have hurt feelings. Other than deleting spam posts I don't see much bickering or need for moderation anyways, seems people are finally getting along nowadays

Doug Riley

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I'll add my enthusiastic thanks to Todd for providing and maintaining this resource. I believe that this forum has saved LIVES (no exaggeration), as well as saving people money they'd have spent on misguided purchases. Well done!

Now if we could just lose that invisible light-blue colored type...


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Wow! Clicking links and navigating is almost instantaneous now.
It was so slow before that I didn't really enjoy browsing through the Forum anymore.

Thanks Todd.

Brian Jackson

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Though I wrote back in email, here's my public Thank You! I had asked about a donations link since this upgrade is costing Todd. I feel the value I get from this forum warrants my contribution. On the daily bus ride to/from NYC I read the archives. So much knowledge and a great refresher for a builder-to-be-pilot. Glad things are moving in the right direction.


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Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. Brian did send me an e-mail asking about donations. I told him to hold off until we get through the conversion to Xenforo. Let me get everything working then I'll get the donation system back up and running and show up with hat in hand. :smile:


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for grins and giggles I did some checking around on MOD functions and looks pretty easy to do whatever I would need to do.


So much more like old times great to see the forum back to it's former glory there are a couple of glitches but so small as to be non events (y)(y)


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About 8 percent of the general population has what I have which is a "red/green" color deficiency of sight.. What this means is the light blue font on the forum is very hard to read for us. Any chance this font could be changed to just a black type face o white?