Former Chapter 73 member


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Nov 16, 2003
While attending Chapter 15's event in Arizona, I got to talk with Barry, the owner of the ag strip where Ben S. flies out of. Barry's last name is Kolbe, and then it clicked. I remember seeing his name on our chapter's mailing list years ago.

Barry told me that he owned a blueberry farm in LaCenter, WA., and used to fly his helicopter to Scappoose for chapter meetings. Don't remember what make his helicopter was. He said the grey skies and rain made him want to live elsewhere, but his wife didn't want to leave the area, so they split.

All of his property there is for sale out in the country near Wellton, AZ. Beautiful, wide valley. He has several parcels up for sale. One 40 ac. parcel that include the covered hangars and a shop, and several other 10 ac. ones. All the 10 ac. ones have access on the runway, which is dirt/gravel, and well maintained. Ben does that work with a bulldozer, and keeps all cars off of it. One local teenager cut cookies on it with a car, and he and his parents made restitution.

A couple had just bought one ten acre portion, and the wife got to talking with Britta P. there at the fly-in and decided she wanted Britta to teach her to fly a gyro!