For Sale - Arrowcopter


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Not often you see one of these advertised as a second-hand sale - this from South Africa ( 3 Arrowcopters in RSA ) - taken from the South African forum

""Hi Guys

Arrowcopter AC10 for sale 85hrs

Serious buyers please e mail me [email protected]""


We have an AC10 in the US that will soon be on the market. We are working on upgrading the 912IS to a 914 (better suited engine for the ArrowCopter) and upgrading electronics at the factory.

It'll be listed at $150k, which will include upgrading to the 914, new Dynon Skyview and a new panel. Similar spec'd new AC20 will run about $180k USD.


The AC20 comes with a 914. Additional options might come in the future, but the 914 is a great fit. The ArrowCopter factory is close to the Rotax corporate offices and factory so I'm sure they'll look there first.


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The 912IS had a marvellous fuel burn but not enough power. Even the 914 does not leave it with a great margin. Claudius mentioned that in the summer it was only a one up machine.

Look forward to seeing the new more powerful engine that has been talked about for a while now from Rotax.