Flying my Xenon Gyroplane in the Colorado Rockies


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Flying my Xenon in the Colorado Rockies

We recently had a thread that intimated that flying over unlandable terrain was poor piloting. While I agree with the sentiment- depending on where you live it is sometimes easier said that done.

Here is a video clip of what is one of my easier routes out of the Arkansas River Valley from my home airport of Salida, Colorado at 7,500'. There is a road along the river and in most places I could land on either fields or the road itself. The video clip does not look like it but I was always within gliding distance to the road.

I appreciate the sentiment of flying over landable terrain. For me I have a line of 14,000' peaks 8 miles west of my airport. I can go north up the valley a ways to Leadville- the highest airport in the US at 9,934'. Farther than that leads to another line of 14,000' peaks.

I can go directly south at 10,000' to get over Poncha pass and into the San Luis Valley which will lead me to routes east or west. To get east to the front range I have to fly about 11,000' to get over La Veta Pass.

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Enjoyed your video.
I'm in the Lake City area. I have found 2 places that train on gyros one in Spanish Forks UT and the other in Colorado Springs. Do you know of any one closer that offers training?


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I can HIGHLY recommend Mike Burton. of Pegasus Aviation Group in nearby Nephi UT. See Although they are an AutoGyro retailer, he is well experienced in many other makes/models. It is well worth the short, scenic, drive!


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Yep! Pegasus closed up shop in Nephi at the end of May for the move. I'm not sure there's any gyro training happening in Spanish Fork now, either, so call before you plan. Airgyro's website says they've moved to Florida.


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I reached out to [email protected] . I'll see what I get back. The link to Colorado Springs training is dead, so that is out.
Thanks Ed Leugemors

Aspen Flying club has gyro training through their affiliate American at Front Range Airport. They have a Calidus $129/hr wet. Not sure how many gyro FIS they have

Also a few gyro pilots there too.