Flight testing to achieve calibrated airspeed

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I am reaching to all of the brilliant Flight Test Engineers within this forum because i am doing a bit of research on the topic of obtaining CAS, or calibrated airspeed. I do know that this is done in-flight using various methods such as trailing cone, gps, tower fly by, pacer aircraft etc..

Specifically if anyone could provide an example of the test matrix including number of flight conditions (airspeeds and altitudes) where the calibration is conducted and the number of configurations (flaps, gear, etc), that would be REALLY helpful to my research work.

Any feedback or education you could give would be GREATLY appreciated !!

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References: http://www.sfte.org/members-only/community/sfte-forums/3-general-discussion/684-flight-testing-to-achieve-calibrated-airspeed-cas?limitstart=0


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I do not have the cycles to explain but others here can I am sure. I am just attaching an article to do this by National Test Pilot School writer that explains the concept and an Excel sheet and on that the last sheet is raw data collection points I have used for some aircraft in the past. Take a look. Hopefully it makes sense to you.
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