First Titanium Autogyro flys in the USA


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Are you able to prerotate with the stick back on this model?
This model does not have a problem like the MTO where the rotor can strike the tail or prop with an unconed rotor. However I have seen many tail strikes on all sorts of gyro models due to poor rotor management or an induced flap.


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Neil Sheather pre-rotator ....

Neil Sheather pre-rotator ....

Are you able to prerotate with the stick back on this model?
Neil has upgraded this P-R from the one he developed for ELA.

Still being tweaked .... always a challenge to find consistent components ..."off the shelf"!

The amount of back-stick allowed before the PR will disengage is set by the position of a magnetic sensor up on the brake/trim-ram under the head. ( The owner can change this to suit their personal preference.)
The factory default position will ensure it releases when stick is about 1/2 back!

The activation on the control stick is a two button - the thumb button pressurizes the system ( & when released will instantly dump all pressure) ... the finger trigger ( MTO radio transmission activator) will run the compressor to increase air pressure engaging the bendix ram then the belt-ram. Neil's rationale is to give the pilot precise control over the pre-rotation process ... ease it in then bring it up to any speed you need (up to 300 Rrpm)... for very short field TO

We have been rolling @ 150 & bring it up normally to 200 with airflow to "balance" before adding TO power!

If any component in the pneumatic system failed .. a cable activation - manual PR is very effective in getting the rotor spinning so one does not get stranded in a remote location! ( Australian design bonus!) :first:
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She sounds SWEET! Way to live the dream and now it's all tax deductible!! Sweet again do what you love way to follow your passions!


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Mike this is a great example of how two people can interpret a question totally different. Either way I hope you have the answer you were looking for.

I will ad a side note. We tested peroration to 150. then with stick back a gradual forward motion to increase airflow brought them up to 200 before adding throttle to lift off. No need to tax the system unless the situation requires it.
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Sounds great Desmond and Chris. This should make those bat takeoffs a thing of the past. Sounds like you can do a more traditional gyro takeoff. This should solve the rollover problem caused by severe blade flap. BTW just about every Dominator has enough travel in the rear position that would allow the blades to strike the tail. The key to prevent this is good blade management. I learned with a rotor tach and have never flapped a set of blades. I have flown one time with out one and I didn't like it. I extended my takeoff roll majorly.


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I spent a wonderful day flying in Newton Kansas.
We flew the 914 turbo Titanium Explorer with an elevation of 1500. Density altitude 3400.
Temp about 87 f. Full load and had a 13 kt headwind.
Rate of climb 450ft per min.

Next week at 4500 ft we will use another entry.

I want a very clear performance picture of this aircraft in full load configuration.


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Not so fast....

Not so fast....

I imagine Mike's was tested at sea level, whereas the TE was tested at 4500 feet on a 6700 DA day. Get the TE down to Anahuac and test it there for an more accurate comparison before we decide which one is FAR SUPERIOR. :p

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Let me end this confusion...
My Sportcopter with the Honda Viking engine, 3 X 70" Warp prop set at 13.5° pulled
525 lbs.
Best's still up for grabs; come & get it...:drum:
Very cool gyro

Very cool gyro

Although I did not have time to fly in it, I did get to see and sit in the Titanium.

Very cool gyro to say the least. Roomy, light weight and very powerful.

If they ever make an enclosed, it will be at the top of the list.



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Yes, even though I poke fun at Jim, the TAG is an impressive machine. They have included all the bells and whistles and made it first class. I really do like the back seat instrument panel.


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I got to fly in the TE briefly at ROTR, and it is a very impressive machine. I've flown in other 914-powered tandems of about the same weight, and the Bolly prop certainly seems to have a seat-of-the-pants edge.

490 pounds at a density altitude of 6,700' is no slouch!


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This is great news, this is wonderful! So happy to read about your joy and success, if anyone deserves it you guys do. Looking fwd with great anticipation to seeing it at Mentone this year.