First flight with Mom !


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Nov 3, 2016
Ans, Belgium
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Hello everyone,
as I'm still shy from the 1OO log hours, I regularily hit the "First time I do stuff" mark !!!

Despite most my vids bear french ATC and cockpit comments, I chose to share these with you too. Since I like to check yours for the joy of 'cultural exchange' and contemplating potential exotic destinations, I assume you could fancy that too.

This weekend, spring really decided not to fake it anymore and my Mom honored me with volunteering for some passenger experience.
I proposed her to head for the French seashore in Calais area (the largest hub for ferries towards England)... She loved peeking at the cliffs of Dover across the North Sea Channel and circling the Cap Gris Nez's lighthouse. It was a long time since I see her smile that much on a same day... was totally worth it ! I was surprised at how seriously she got into collecting navigation data (timing, awypoints) on the sheet I had passed her so she does not get bored... all times were spot on and the we were only 3 mins short on a 2.5 Hrs trip ! She even spotted the airfield before I did upon arrival !!!

There is our happy moment :

And to avoid double posting, I'll add another first timer from this past winter : snowy countryside flown over with the wife !

The only thing that worries at this time, is that both ladies go "Yeeeeeah !" after landing... is there some king of hidden message in there !!!! :biggrin:

Safe flight to you guys,