Firefox to Capture a Thread


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Jan 14, 2020
Kerrville, Texas
Firefox has a great feature that allows you to capture an entire string of text from a website. However, If the thread you are capturing consists of more than one page it can become confusing with the downloads as they will all have the same name.

In the case of the Leigh's (Resasi) build thread I ended up with 17 pages of subfolders.

I navigate to the thread I want to capture using Firefox. Then using file manager to move to page 1 of your new subfolders. Right click and select "Save Page As", then "Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html, return. The entire page will be downloaded as html and a subfolder will also be created. The subfolder holds all of the code, images, etc to make the html work properly.

In the event that the thread consists of more than 1 page I create a new folder to hold the captures and also create a number of subfolders. Would look like this for example.


then under GTVX2


Then under page 1


Once you have the first page downloaded then you can go in and look at it by using the file manager to move to the subfolder and right click on the large .html file, select open with, then Firefox.

If you have any problems let me know and will pass my email/phone number. Will be in and out today ...


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Aug 2, 2009
It is actually not necessary to create sub folders , just create a folder where you want to store the thread. Open the first page of the thread you want in your browser then, on the keyboard, hold down the control button and press the s-key at the same time. You can do this with your left hand if you use the smallest finger for the control button and the middle finger for the s-key. This sequence is generally abbriviated as CTRL+S, meaning: press control and s at the same time. Now, in the save dialog that opens, navigate to the folder you created and where you want to store the thread. Once inside the folder press enter. Next use your mouse to open the next page of the thread, hit CTRL+s and press enter again. The save dialog will automatically open the last folder you have saved a file to. The next page of the thread automatically has "page-2" attached to the original URL, thus all pages are saved with a unique name (the first page has no page designation).

Just ask if there are questions or problems.