Financing and Insurance available for AR-1


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
Hi All:
Its my pleasure to announce that we can now get AR1 gyroplane qualified buyers in the US with good credit, financing as well as insurance (full hull and up to $1 million in liability).

Financing is available from multiple sources with terms as low as 6% interest and 84 months. Full hull coverage is available as well as well as liability.

Please contact us if you are interested in AR1 and have been waiting on financing.
We have 6 more orders to fulfill right now and have 2 slots open. We will be moving to a new facility with about 80% more floor space May 15th, 2016.

Best Regards,
SilverLight Aviation
Manufacturer of AR1 gyroplane
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Doug Riley

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Smart move, Abid. It was "buying on credit" that first made the U.S. auto industry take off.

If your financing system works out, it's bound to stimulate sales of the new higher-priced gyros. Americans are notorious for having almost no cash on hand!


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
You are right Doug. Its still better to put a significant down payment to get best rates possible and control monthly payment but if you can afford a BMW payment or a large SUV payment, you can afford to pay for AR1 with insurance as well


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That is all great news Abid!!!!

Way to go!!!

The interest rate will depend on their credit rating. It this a personal loan or an equity loan as the aircraft as actual collateral?

Can you share how much does the insurance with 1 mil coverage cost per year?