Feb. Rotorcraft Webinar


Dear Rotorcraft Enthusiast:

The Utah Rotorcraft Association, PRA Chapter 2, invites you our Saturday, February 13th installment of the URA Winter Webinar Series. Jay Carter, CEO and Chief Designer of Carter Aviation Technologies, will be this weekend's presenter.

We expect to have the Glance connection "hot" by 9:45am MST. Our monthly meeting will start at 10am, using the technology to open attendance to distant members and guests, followed at 11am by the webinar.

Our meeting will include details of Rotors Over The Rockies, June 10-12 at Brigham City Airport. We now have an updated aerial photo of the airport, which has just completed $14 million in improvements. If anyone from outside our immediate area has questions or suggestions regarding the event, we'd love to hear them!

Jay's talk, "Carter's Unique Aviation Technologies," starts with the first gyroplanes built by Jay and his father in the 1960s, including the construction techniques used in his composite ducted fan shroud, and brings us up to date on the recent technology licensing deal with the AAI division of Textron and the forthcoming Carter Personal Air Vehicle which debuted at Oshkosh last summer.

Jay will recall his start in the wind turbine business, offer details of his 1976 steam-powered Volkswagen, and explain the unique capabilites of his company's proprietary propellers, rotors and landing gear.

This will be an amazing program of interest to any rotorcraft enthusiast, and a great chance to get to know one of our sport's more interesting people. Jay will be sticking around for questions from participants after his presentation.

Effective immediately, we're abandoning the confusing delayed release of login information for remaining webinars. We withheld login details until the last minute in order to ensure our members got virtual seats, but too many are going unfilled. From now on, the login procedure for all remaining webinars will be:

(1) Test your system for required speed and compatibility for the Glance network. If you're using Internet Explorer, accept the 400 kB accelerator plug-in when offered. It significantly improves frame rate. (You don't need to do this before each webinar, only before your first one.)

(2) Up to an hour before the scheduled start time, navigate to: www.ura.glance.net. Enter 8412 in the “Session Key” box, and at least your full name in the optional box requested.

(3) The Glance session webpage which opens next will warn you not to close it, but you may minimize it. A Java applet will open a separate window, in which the session's graphics will be shown.

(4) Use any telephone to receive the audio at: (605) 715-4970. When prompted, enter 5315108, followed by the # sign.

(Note: A speakerphone with mute button works best, but if the long-distance charges are an issue, use any phone on which you have a bulk plan, free nighttime cell minutes, Skype, etc. This same phone connection will be used for taking questions after the formal presentation, so don't hang up!)

Most web browsers are supported. We have discovered the AOL proprietary browser is not.

Our first Tuesday night webinar, Mike Burton's "Getting the Right Instruction," is now available for viewing in the archives at www.utahrotorcraft.org/webinars.html. The Q-&-A with participants is provided as a separate MP3 audio file, also linked from the "Webinars" page.

We'd love feedback, on both the content and how it looks/sounds at your end. Is this type of presentation worth pursuing long-term? I welcome your comments.

"See" you Saturday!

Utah Rotorcraft Association