Fatal - ELA Aviacion ELA-07 [unregistered], near Los Molinos, Argentina 04 AUG 2015


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Sep 30, 2016
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type and details only recently came to light

"Carlos Sueldo, spokesman for the Air Accident Investigation Board, confirmed to "Riojaldia" that this official body, dependent on the Argentine Air Force, will not be able to investigate the causes of the plane crash in Molinos, as there are no records or registration of the damaged aircraft.

The small aircraft, an autogyro, collided with high-voltage cables and fell to the ground before catching fire on Route 75, on August 4 in the town of Molinos, 50 kilometers from the capital of the province of La Rioja. .

The small helicopter was manned by Juan José De Leonardi, secretary of Public Works of the Municipality of the city of La Rioja and the geologist, Daniel Lopez, who died charred.

The spokesman for the Air Accident Investigation Board, Carlos Sueldo, also confirmed to "Riojaldia" that De Leonardi and Lopez did not have a license to pilot the aircraft."

Condolences, etc.