Fairy Rotodyne...revisited?

A new generation Rotodyne might have turbofan engines and possibly be able to use bleed air and for the tip jets.....
I think with the size of the aircraft, it may have a certain efficiency for close hops from regional areas to larger airports....
The problem is that typical first stage bleed air can be roughly 500 degrees F. The precoolers and intercoolers get the temps down and the pressure control valves reduce the pressure to numbers the cabin pressurization system can deal with. The systems I studied did not provide enough tip thrust without adding fuel and igniting it and the bleed air temperature made it problematic to route it through blade structure.

Boeing Phantom Works did some modelling for us on several tip jet variants, but never turned the models into hardware.

Neat idea though.

Although it sounds good, there is nothing efficient about using a turbo fan bleed air for tip propulsion.

I was thinking along the lines of high pressure air, fuel and oxidizer for the tips of the rotor.
Given that it only is powered for take off and landing the efficiency is less of an issue.