FAA Proposed Rule Change

JJ Campbell

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Will the proposed FAA regulations (if enacted) allow us to build a ELSA AR-1C? I really like the reduced Phase I. Also, it would be a nice dead-of-the-Winter project to qualify for the repairman certificate.


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
I try not to worry about proposals whose NPRM is still not out. That means generally things are a year plus away. Anyway, ELSA is of two different types. One relating to grandfathered Fat Ultralights before a certain date and regular ELSA which are counter-part of SLSA and ASTM compliant. Since there won't be any SLSA gyroplanes in this proposal right now, ELSA will not be possible.
Gyroplanes will fall under Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) but it seems like they will allow more commercial help and if that factory builder's assist is taken less number of hours in Phase-I. Essentially trying to make it easier to own new EAB aircraft of all types.

But its still a pie in the sky.

JJ Campbell

Junior Member
Thanks Fara. I'm loving the AR-1C more and more. Need my FW certificate and then I will be paying you a visit.

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