FAA has new Airworthiness certificates and Ops Limits for EAB


FAA DAR Gyropilot
The FAA changed the method used to prepare the certification paperwork. We no longer use boilerplate for the Operating Limitations and there is no longer a little Salmon colored Airworthiness certificate. The information for the aircraft about to undergo certification is entered into a questionnaire on-line. The man behind the curtain takes that information and sends the designee (or FAA inspector) a pdf. of the Certificate and a separate pdf file of the Ops Limits. All of this only works with Google chrome. We have to cut & paste the limits on the AW certificate pdf and then we have a complete set of papers for the aircraft.

Anyone know if I can transfer the Adobe 9 from my old computer (that rejects Google Chrome) to my newer computer that has Google Chrome) No, I don't have the disc.


Tom, my son says adobe still has adobe acrobat ver9 installer available on their website. You may have to deactivate your old one and reinstall to your chrome computer utilizing the existing serial number. You can chat to them online to make sure how to do this. He also says using Google Docs may allow transfer also. Hope this helps.