FAA annual checklist


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Nov 1, 2003
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I did not build my Twinstarr.

Therefore I can not sign off on the annual inspection.

Fortunately, I have a friend who is a A&P that can.

He asked me if the manufacturer had provided a checklist for FAA annuals and I told him to my knowledge I had no such checklist.

He then asked me to use my knowledge of my craft and knowledge of problems other people have had with Twinstarrs and gyros in general to make up a check list that covers at a minimum the requirements of FAR Part 43 Appendix D

I have made my first draft (which includes a copy of FAR Part 43 D).

If you have the time please download and comment on my checklist.

You will notice the checklist refers to some graphics. I had to remove the graphics to make the file small enough to upload to the fourm.