Extra Club Shirts from the Banquet...


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Jul 28, 2008
Maple Park
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Hey Chapter 18'ers,

The banquet went very well, a bunch-o-fun, and I think we did well to get some shirts out there once again. I still have some of these shirts left, the same style as at the banquet: small logo (orange-ish color) on black tee shirts ... below is example image. I have a few of them in all sizes remaining.

If anybody is interested, they are available ... $12.00 per shirt, if you want them mailed to you please add $5.00 flat fee for USPS Priority Mail (regardless of shirt qty.). It's possible that if you're in no hurry I can make occasional drop off of shirts at the club hanger to avoid the mailing charge, but we'd have to organize that at the time of the order (and then see when my schedule will allow for a trip etc).

Please send me a private message with your info, what size(s) and quantity you would like etc. and we can work out the details from there, and I will reply (via private message to avoid getting spammed later) to confirm that I have what you want etc. :yo:

Thanks & Best, -Kevin T.


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