Estate Sale 3 Gyros including a Tango 2


Tom Duncan
Apr 7, 2010
Edgewood, Texas
Tango 2
Total Flight Time
170 Ultralight FW, 216 Gyro, 15 GA
I am working with a widow who's husband died from COVID. She is in the Texas Panhandle and has a Bensen, I think an Air Command and a Tango 2 that needs repair he rolled while taxiing.

There are a lot of parts that come with the two single place machines, he purchased them for $8k some time ago.

The Tango needs the following: the frame straightened, rotor blades, rotor head, tail, and and a few other items. It would cost $10-15k to repair. It is one of the first Tangos built and is powered by a 120 hp carbureted Yamaha so pilot and passenger weight is limited when compared to the fuel injected 135 hp models.

Personally, I would use the Carbureted engine on the Air Command and purchase a new 135 hp crate engine from Arctic Cat.

All of it can be had for around $20k or less and less than $8k without the Tango. She is working on getting me some pictures. I plan to go look at everything this summer.

My cell phone number is 972-825-7928,
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Sep 18, 2021
Clarksville t n.
There is very little of the bobcop MidNight Hawk on the machine, best i remember i think the trim above your head was one thing and most of the Bob Copp machine was scraped, i started over with all new mat.and i think i did use a few gages but thats it. Was a fine machine when i sold it..not sure about anything on the machine as of now...