electric tail rotor fan!!!???


Hmmm....Interesting stuff André. On those really hot sweltering days you park the plane just outside the front window at home, take out the window, and start the engine. :)

The neighbours won't be able to complain about aircraft noise...because there isn't any. No law that says you can't have a plane in your front yard, is there ?? :D :D


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Thank you for posting this Andre'. I am a big fan of electric powered craft. I drive a honda insight and my father drove a 1918 electric car when he was a boy. In my short bout with R/C helicopters I had a wisper electric.

Good stuff!


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A few years back I would have called myself a tree hugger but I am reluctant to now. I am all for conserving natural resources, developing clean tech and not wasting the next generations inheritance.

HOWEVER, the 'tree-huggers' I come across now days have no firm knowledge of SCIENCE and have more of a POLITCAL agenda then a scientific one.

They would rather form a drum-circle and dance naked* then learn about ecosystems and science topics.

This (&^&&$&)'s me off and I think reduces the chances of doing any real good.


(boy did you touch a nerve or what?)

*Let it be known I have nothing against people dancing naked.


The only certainty with electrical gadgets is the reliability,you can always rely on it to sh.t itself when you need it most.

BTW Tim,what is your oppinion on me ideas I posted on "off topic" under "a different point of view."[I'm a naturalist,not a tree hugger]