Ehang 184 drone could carry you away one day


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If it can't glide or auto rotate, no way in hell I would get in it. Nice idea and may work until 1 minor little problem with a lifting motor.


It slices it dices it makes Julian fries it juices too get yours today!

Honest officer I didn't see that bus load of children I was just going out for my triple mocha expresso


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Ain't no way that I would get in it . But this is perfect for those that need a flying machine
that they don't have to be responsible for the pilot mistakes ! They are completely ingineered out .
Won't get in this either ! Perfect for the "your resposible for me crowd " :) :) :D

Murray Barker

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You all SAY you wouldnt fly it but If that thing was sitting in your front yard with the keys in it there would be a fight for who would go first.


I think that for emergency evac in a disaster area or a place to dangerous to send rescue personnel it could have a use. but not for recreational flying any time soon. Just my opinion. but what people wouldn't fly in has changed over time sincel the first aircraft took flight.

Sincerely Swilliams