Early Bensen rotor head


I know this is searching for a needle in a hay stack but is there any chance that someone has drawings or pictures of the very early Bensen rotor head,the one mounted in a rubber block ?
I'm not sure but I believe it was the Bensen B-6 which used that kind of "U joint"

Many thanks in advance



I have an early Bensen rotorhead. But it doesnt have any rubber blocks, it just has a self centering bearing inside that has just enough to give it 10 or so degres of cyclic action. I sure wouldnt fly on one.

Doug Riley

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Pancho, the Bensen spindle head you refer to uses a spherical roller bearing. It's perfectly safe as long as the spindle is well-made (don't skip the radii).

I have at least 100 hours on one. It had a nice, light control feel but lacked the self-centering pressures of an offset gimbal.

The rubber-block model is even earlier, I believe.