Doug Hughes the gyro pilot who laned on the capital lawn


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I was told that Doug Hughes called Mark looking for a PitBull he just sold to fly around the country on tour.

PRA 31 has one for sale and I'm asking anyone who may know him to ask him to call 619 743 6712 or email me about seeing it.
GyroCFI;n1139128 said:
I thought he got a lot of prison time for his stunt?
He sure did!
120 days in Jail and one year on probation during which he was barred from touring the White House or the Capital building. :peace:


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I wonder what happened to his Gyrocoptor. maybe it will end up in the simthsonian museum.


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I spoke to Doug at Bensen Days last year. He told me that the FAA had released him to actually go get his Pilots License.
No one seems to know about GyRonimo; very likely it was melted down. No evidence, no claim to fame!


GyRonimo was taken to Area 51 to test it's stealth technology that allowed it to penetrate the Washington DC airspace un-detected. :)