Don't have the money to attend PRA's convention? OK how about FREE


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You wish to come we want you to. We can help you this year volunteer for 4 hours each day you stay for free.
Get free camping, convention fee and a banquet dinner ticket all for free and only pay for your food.
Contact [email protected]


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JasonS;n1135244 said:
John, greetings,
How much does this "Free" benefits translate into $$ value given one for the other minus personal nourishment.
An estimate would be helpful.
Thank You. :)
Real data for those who have registered but paying nothing.


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We are so happy we are now profitable enough to do this. Best part of my job is getting to BE Santa with our raffles and giving other things away now.
We are giving everyone a pair of sunglasses and the 1st 100 free past convention shirts and the CFI's don't know it yet buy FREE shirts a different color so anyone can see across the airport they are who to see for instruction. All the volunteers get a free orange shirt and any pilot who want a bright green shirt at COST can buy one.

This way you know who is who in the zoo at a glance.


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JasonS;n1135459 said:
Ummm don't you mean a few more "ORANGE" shirts! LOL!

Do u still offer the WINGS pins?

The PRA could offer them too newly christened pilots @ a participating PRA fly-in
and could be presented with one as recognition of becoming a new gyro pilot.

Just putting that idea out there too.

JOHN ROUNDTREE - M.aking G.yro's G.reat A.gain! MGGA. LOL! :)
Good one. Jason, I did get permission to sell the instructors those pins at cost if they will give them to the students when the are signed off.
But I've not had time to contact them yet. I hope to talk to most personally at our Fly-in. And shortly after contact the rest by phone.

Thank you all ideas appreciated.