Dominator plans


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Oct 30, 2003
Plant City, Fl
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Jeez, Mike, you come off as being quite an ass.

Get this straight:
1) I called and e-mailed RFD seeking to buy plans.
2) The RFD website looks VERY much like the company is selling parts & plans.
3) I was not aware Ernie was retired until he told me (see #2). Good for him; I said zero negative about him retiring. YOU said that.
4) He said he is no longer selling plans, thus the term "orphaned" can be applied.
5) I never said anything at all about Ernie "leaving everyone high and dry", Again, YOU said that.
6) Reread the first sentence. You made up that crap.
7) Just looking for the plans, that's all. Cannot buy them from RFD, so I asked here. Jeez.
Well I apologize I must have taken this the wrong way. That’s the problem with text no way to know the way someone is saying something. I wish you luck with your build. Once again I’m sorry.


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Oct 30, 2003
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Does anyone have plans or at least the right measurements for tubing on a Two Seater Dominator?
I just got in touch with some people here in Brazil that make trikes and want to go rotor, I will help them the way I can and suggest to start with a Dominator like gyro.
Planning to take subkits to USA for a great price!
The void Ernie is leaving will never be fulfilled he is a precious member of our small community and a beloved figure!
My big thanks to him and may he enjoy as much as he helped us to enjoy this mode o flying!
Hello Mike, you as well have been a big part of it, so, enjoy it! (no axe to grind, too old now)