CRA - Personal Rotorcraft Fly-in 10-13-2012


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The Colorado Rotorcraft Association (PRA chapter 38) held it's second Fly-In event of 2012 on Saturday 10-13.

The morning started with a pancake breakfast provided by members of EAA chapter 72. The north tie down area of Meadow Lake Airport next to the Airport Operations and Maintenance hangar was reserved for Rotorcraft. PRA 38 provided a coned off area for Rotor spin down separated from the spectators.

Rotorcraft filled the balance of the north area. Bruce McCombs displayed his 2 seat Little Wing autogyro, Frank Nelson had his 2 place Barnett, Dick Dougherty displayed his Gyrobee with the folding mast, Todd Rieck displayed and demonstrated his modified Air Command and Thomas Fernandez displayed and demonstrated his Gyrobee with the 582 Rotax.

Both Todd and Thomas made very slow passes into an increasing North wind that looked to the crowd watching like the gyros were flying in slow motion.

Our next Fly in event will be September 13-14-15th 2013.

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PRA member since 1973
Wish I could have been there with you guys!

We would love to have had you.

Our next event is the middle of September next year. If you want to come and camp, I have room on my Airport residential property.

Also if you are here next summer, our plans are for monthly meetings in the summer months with a BBQ at lunch time.

Let us know when you plan to be in Colorado again, and this time, bring your gyro. :)