Conversion Matrix for SPEED, THRUST & HP


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May 21, 2006
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It is fun to play with numbers and power output for our power plants, so here is a nifty little conversion table I have been using for a few years that others might want in their reference folder. With this, you can determine things like
  1. Theoretical top speed, with known static thrust (tied up to a scale on the ground) and HP
  2. True crankshaft HP developed, with known static thrust at any given ERPM and air speed realized at that same ERP
  3. True thrust developed at a known true airspeed and crankshaft HP
  4. Prop efficiency, given true airspeed, known thrust and HP
You'll also need to know testing air density ratio, with MSL = 1.0 and estimated prop efficiency until you pin down your true prop efficiency number. I was surprised to learn one day a few years back that the 68" 3-blade Warp Drive props I am a dealer for produce and very respectable 90% efficiency, while the Ivo on my Honey Bee was no better than 85% at best.

If you want the working Excel spreadsheet with the working formulas installed (all you do is plug in your known values and it produces your desired unknown) then...

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Thanks, I'll create one of these for PRA library.