composite blades shelf life

Barney Bahle

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I recently learned Safari recommends replacing their rotor blades every 10 years, regardless of flight time. Has anyone else heard of composite blades having a shelf life?


Supreme Allied Gyro CFI
Interesting - - is that really a "shelf" life (time since manufacture), or a "time in service" life (hanging from the hub unsuported, subject to hangar rash, maybe exposed to UV parked outdoors, etc.)?

Barney Bahle

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Since the conversation started when I had them run the serial numbers on an older set of 0 time blades, I'm led to believe time since manufacture. But to be honest, I didn't think to ask specifically.


Aussie in Kansas.
the gold-standard for the Aussie mustering rotors ...Patroney brand is said to be 5,000 hours. I don't want to open a new can of worms ... but "AS per ORIGINAL design" .... the TAG rotors are anticipated to last somewhat longer ...except that " stupid human tricks" ...cuts short most rotor lives!;):eek::oops: