Chinook Legacy


The D model could basically lift its own weight with a tandem sling... Is that still true with the newer models? Is everything glass and computers now?

This thread had brought back some old memories...

Ahhh, loved the D's. They were beasts! I had about 900ish hours in them before I went to fly E's and G's. Almost got a check ride to qual on the F, but didn't happen. I know the F is a bit heavier than the D, and E/G's a lot heavier. It is true that everything is glass now with digital AFCS and FADEC. Thing can basically fly the route itself and terminate to a hover. Pretty amazing machine. Still! Amazing things on the horizon for the Chinook. You're looking at the DC-3 of helicopters.


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Every now and then you come across a picture that's special in a way. Apart from the nice light in the one below what struck me as an engineer was the "texture" of the outer skin: nearly every web section is heavily sagged inward, making the aircraft look like it has gone through a "golf ball conversion", do they deliver it that way like aged jeans...???..;-)

from here:

There is another nice picture a bit further down the page:


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Very interesting picture, Javier, it almost looks like a text book example of a semi tension field. What surprised me about the CH-47 image is that we see dimples in what would be the neutral zone of a bending beam.