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OF COURSE he twisted the wires together, it just plain unsafe not to!:whip:
I don't speak Chinese or read it so I have no idea what his name is, but if I had to guess I would say it is Icarus!
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More guts than brains,Made me duck under my desk just watching him. He pathfinds in a vacume,A helmet would be nice.


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That was his battery hanging in first video. HE has no seat belt .......DANG....
It was said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome was Insanity.

Chris Burgess

He needs a lesson or two. I'm sure he won't get them. All helicopter pilots know you don't "yank" collective to get airborne.

brett s

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Not having enough power to actually hover is saving him from a Darwin Award so far.

Just watching the amount of vibration in that thing scares me, I'm waiting for parts to fly off...
He is some brave soul.....and he will be pretty soon only a soul if he keeps doing that yanking on the collective. It is really scary how some people have no fear at all....... Maybe I am too chicken :)
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Don't think that was a helment hanging down below the seat , it's gotta take some BIG cahunas to try what he's trying with little or no training.



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I'm impressed he built it! BUT yikes not sure he is going to be alive for long or at lease become crippled when he installs an engine what can fit it.
I don't think that guts I beleive in this case ignorance is bliss...


YIKES all right

YIKES all right

Did anyone else notice the loose drive belts from the clutch on the engine to the transmission? There is a huge amount of the fractional horse power available, being lost there for a start. I also notice that he pulls full collective to 'slow' the rotor system at shut down.
I am impressed with the light push pull cable to the tail rotor (NOT).
Over the series of videos here it would appear that he has made some improvements as far as the twisted wire ignition and start button. It would be nice to know what caused that huge 'puff' of dust under the drive belts and then the shut down.
That sure is 'spam in can' waiting to happen.


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Glad you guys all saw that demonstration of faith and enterprise, it appears the People Republic have now blocked it.

I guess they do not like the comments being received.

Glad that doesn't happen over here. Uploading those suckers takes time.


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Hmm still 'Blocked in my area'. Must be that MI6 thing.

I take my hat off to their desire to fly, ingenuity, and sheer balls.
chineese heli

chineese heli

looks like he balanced out the rotors a little better. it was not shaking quite as bad as the first two vid's. wait untill he figures out engine and rotor RPM management then we sill see a good show. and you guys were picking on poor Cameron.


scott heger

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As a helicopter pilot, I can tell you he is doing almost everything wrong. Glad to see it appears it does not have enough power to every get anywhere other than tipped over, decapitated, and the parts scattered all over his neighborhood. Hope the little kids are out of the way when it happens. I give him great credit for the build, but it ain't going to be pretty without a lot of training and helicopter modification.

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wow that is scary, yep just a matter of Time.

it looks like his main blades are badly out of track in the First video, and yeah that is not easy to adjust, trust me I know.
and from that tail boom jumping up and down,I would say his tail rotor blades are not balanced. he really need some type of tail rotor guard.

I can't beleive he dose not have at least a seat belt of some type or at least a motor cycle helmet.

I wonder if when he turns him self into sushi ,if they will allow that video to be posted.