Chapter 2 Meeting 2/8, Calidus Build


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Just a quick note to Chapter 2 folks for this weekend. The release of Western Rotorcraft has been delayed by a computer crash, but we will meet as scheduled at 10am MST on the URA Webmeeting Channel.

Following a brief business meeting, we expect to enjoy a brief presentation by CFI Mike Burton on the latest Calidus build at Airgyro.

The meeting is open to guests from anywhere, and we can accommodate up to 200 attendees. Simply navigate to, click "URA Webmeeting Channel" on the left, and follow the instructions. The channel will be active by about 9:45am, and you should plan to show up a little early in case you need to download the updated version of the viewer before the meeting starts.

You'll see the presentation on your monitor and hear the audio through your computer speakers, with questions entered via text using your keyboard, and voting using the "mood" icons. We hope to "see" you there!
Thanks Paul, It was excellent to have the comradery of fellow gyro pilots, catch up on the happenings and greatly enjoy the presentation from Mike. The web meeting was excellent!
What an excellent way to gather people! I am envious of your group and look forward to more!
Thank you on the new machine as well, patience is key, but chatting with others always keeps the motivation high. Thanks again for the invite and i HIGHLY recommend others to attend the Webmeeting Channel!