Changes to our Chapter


Dear Rotorcraft Enthusiast,

For all of those that weren't able to join us for our January meeting I thought I would send out a quick note to make you aware of some changes we have decided on. But before we go into the changes I want to let you know you missed a great meeting. It was fun to have everyone over to check out my project. I got some constructive criticism that was very helpful to me and some compliments (that always make anyone feel good) about what has been done so far. However the most exciting thing that happened as far as I am concerned is that we picked up another new member. Curtis Pittman (of Brigham City) joined us for the first time this month. Curtis has been interested in Gyroplanes for years and until just recently thought he was alone in his quest for Rotor Flight, but as soon as he learned there were others that shared his dreams he was excited to join our ranks. So WELCOME Curtis!!!!!

Now for the changes. We discussed when we have been meeting and if some changes to our schedule could be made that would make it possible for more people to join us. After some lengthy discussion it was unanimously decided to change our meeting time to Saturday mornings rather than to Thursday evenings. So from now on, our normal meeting times will be the first Saturday of the month at 10AM. Our normal meeting location will be at the AirGyro hangar except when we do a project visit or a field trip to some where special. We also decided that during the winter months we would only hold a meeting every other month and then when the weather gets nicer we would go back to an every month schedule.

So here is our schedule for 2008:
January 3rd 7PM Chapter Meeting
March 1st 10AM Chapter Meeting
April 12th 10AM Chapter Meeting
May 3rd 10AM Chapter Meeting
June 14th 9AM Chapter FLY IN *****
July 12th 10AM Chapter Meeting
Sept. 6th 10AM Chapter Meeting
Nov. 1st 10AM Chapter Meeting

Please mark these dates down on your current calendar and try to attend whenever you can. Also if you have any ideas on what you would like to see covered as topics at our meeting or if you can think of a good place to visit, let me know. Our group will only be as strong as we make it. If you love flying like I do and want to see Gyroplanes become more accepted and part of our local flying community as I do, please participate and join us whenever you can, lets build our organization and make a difference in our communities. Together we will make our sport safer and more fun to participate in. But it will take all of us working together to make it happen.

I am going to be working on making a Gyro Calendar that will have all the Gyro Information both Local and National on it as well as pictures of some Gyroplanes to keep us all inspired through out the year. If anyone has any pictures they would love to see used for this calendar please e-mail them to me at [email protected], otherwise I will just have to use pictures I have. I just got a new Apple Computer and I think I can make my own calendars with pictures and all. We'll see how that project turns out.

Doug Barker
Utah Rotorcraft Association


Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome aboard!!!


Welcome to the group!!! It's always nice to hear we have a new Rotary Wing Enthusiasts in the neighborhood. I understand that is using the term "neighborhood" pretty loosely as it will be a 3 to 4 hr drive for you to join us. But if the desire is there, that is a reasonable drive. The good new is that we have changed from meeting on a week night to a Saturday morning so that should make it easier for a lot of people, especially those that will have to travel for a while to get here. Typically we meet at the AirGyro Hangar at the Spanish Fork, UT. Airport (about 45 minutes south of SLC). However sometimes we meet at different members houses to check out their project or we will meet at the Groen Bros. facility in SLC. so the location can vary a bit. If you will send me your contact information (name, address, phone #s, and e-mail address) I will get you on our list and make sure you get notified before any activity.

Doug Barker
[email protected]
I created a community for our chapter. Add your photos and join the community to increase our ability to communicate. press communuty at the top. I named it PRA 2.