Carl-linator gyroplane for sale!


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
I just spoke with Carl, who is on his way to Bensen Days in Florida. He was passing through Mississippi as we talked.

His gyro parts are still for sale, per the ad of a year ago. He is not including the "N" with them.

But, the buyer will get an HKS turbo, which is a 2 cylinder, 80 hp engine. The HKS w/out turbo produces 60 hp. Carl switched to the turbo HKS when he moved to the wilds of mountainous New Mexico. Says the engine is a great performer.

Electric prerotator gets the Dragon Wings up 170 rpms, Carl says. Impressive.

This includes the entire gyro frame set up, controls, double rudders, a set of 24' Dragon Wings rotor blades, two 76" Prince props (two bladed), and a 72" three bladed Warp Drive. The WD has extra hubs to convert it into a 2 bladed or 4 bladed prop, besides it being a 3 bladed one. Anyone in the market for propellers or a set of rotor blades knows how much they go for.

Carl says the 76" Prince prop doesn't put out as much thrust on the ground as it does up flying. Around 90 mph, he says the Prince becomes most efficient.

A aluminum topped (and streamlined) trailer is available for an extra $2K.

Carl had a few interested buyers from this ad from a year ago, but no one stepped up. You can call him @ the number in the ad.

I am not compensated in any way in posting this for sale for Carl.