Carl-linator gyroplane for sale!


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Carl Schneider informed me @ El Mirage last fall that his "Carlinator" was for sale. He is only asking $10K!
Where could one find a legal, proven, airworthy, and safe gyroplane for less?

For those who find the new tandem gyroplanes alluring, but too expensive for the working man's budget, take a look!

Someone coined the term "Carl-linator", since Carl's design looks similar to Ernie Boyette's Dominator gyroplanes, with the tall tail, front pod, and long legs. It is a classic pusher-gyro deliberately designed to have centerline thrust for several reasons.

I was shocked at how little Carl is asking. To build a single place gyroplane with new components would be well over double what he is asking. He has decided his flying days are over.

Carl says it wouldn't be too difficult to change the overhead stick into a more conventional one. He switched to an overhead one years back when he experienced a conventional stick's parts breaking on him on a flight one day.

*24' Dragon Wings rotorblades. Ernie Boyette's Cruiser Blades.
*Two-blade prop. I don't know the make nor length.
*HKS 700-T engine. Four stroke, turboed. About 80 hp.
I believe I heard it cost a shade over $8K new.
*Fuel consumption of between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 GPH.
*11 gallon seat tank.
*Streamlined wheels
*Electric prerotator (spins the rotorblades up to 170 rpms!)

People have commented over the years about how quiet Carl's gyro sounds flying by. I remember hearing he would be doing around 90 mph while maintaining that low of noise level! I suspect the large prop turning through the air more slowly than a smaller one is part of that, as well as not having a two-stroke engine @ high rpms.

Carl has flown his machine @ El Mirage, Bensen Days, Mentone, and originally in Iowa. Most likely also in the wilds of New Mexico's mountains, where he resides.

If anyone is interested, Carl has given me his contact info to share:

[email protected]

I believe for someone not near Carl's location could strike a deal for him to bring it to Bensen Days or Mentone, saving shipping expenses or having to see the wilds of New Mexico's mountains personally to pick it up.


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Carl lives west of me up in the mountains and I have the pleasure of knowing carl and have seen his machine fly several time here in Socorro,

It is a really great flyer and has a very unique sound ,the HKS turbo engine is worth more than the asking price.
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I camped next to Carl a couple of times at El Mirage ....Good Guy and was impressed with the performance of his gyro


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*Seat tank (I don't know the gallon capacity).

CalumetAir 7.6 gallon seat tank.

Sad to hear "shoeless" Carl is hanging it up. I thought he'd fly gyros forever.
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Tom: Just heard from Carl. He says the seat tank hold 11 gallons. Might be a different one than yours. I changed the original post to reflect the figure.


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I sent him a email. If I could get it brought my way, I would love to buy this. I have always wanted one of carls machines. They were never flashy, but were always beautiful because everything about them was done for a purpose.

For example, the silver on the front of the pod.... Thats not just some pinstripping... Thats metal strips that work as a antenna for the radio. Its little touches like that that make me admire his machines.

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I'm looking at this Gyro for sale and I really like it the more I look at it and read about it. Kind of sad I lived in New Mexico for almost 40 years ,retired from there but now living in Kentucky. But I do go out there several times a tear. Actually thinking about going soo. I usually go during CHILI SEASON that's my favorite time to go. How can I find out more about this gyro ? I know N. Mexico state inch by inch.. I can be there non stop in less than 24 hours. I always drive straight thru, Looking for help ,Thanks


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Carl has let me know the Dragon Wings rotorblades are 24', Ernie Boyette's "Cruisers", that have extra tip weights.


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Carl reports his fuel consumption is between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 gallons per hour flying this gyro. Added to first post above.


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That is an excellent gyro, I will miss flying with you Carl. Will you still be coming to the fly ins?


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Unbelievable that no one has snapped up this unique, efficient gyroplane yet!
I would have purchased it for myself if it wasn't for the fact I already have a full hangar of gyros and is so full I have to move items out to get at others! Going to have to sell some to have room to work on the others.
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I agree Kevin it one of the only gyro's that is really CLT and has torque roll stabilization built in the same as all the Aviomania's do.


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I'm surprised this wasn't picked up yet too. It is almost certainly the quietest, most efficient gyro in the world. I believe it lifts more weight and burns less fuel while flying faster than any other. The overhead stick probably turns some prospective buyers off, but it could be retrofitted with a regular stick fairly easily I suspect.


The FAA website says that the registration for 94CT has been cancelled (expired) as of January 24, 2018.


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Carl told me he was taking off the N numbers and selling it " As parts " which means it would be tough to make the gyro legal to fly. I offered to buy it, pending he brings it to me. I have no time to chase after it.


Yes, the 'sell as parts' plan poses some problems for the buyer trying to re-register, as I have found out by quizzing the local FSDO. Per conversation, it is not assured that you will be issued an airworthiness certificate going that route.


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In Russia homebuilts which were sold to a new owner often are simply registered as newly built by their new owner and therefore just receive airworthiness from the blank sheet. I wonder if this works in the US.