Canadian requirements for gyro license


Hi, everyone. I have a friend that is from Canada and is getting interested in gyros. Can anyone fill us in on what he would need to get
licensed to fly a gyro in Canada. Do they have anything equivalent to a sport pilot license in Canada? Ultralight?

Thanks for any input.



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First and for-most he needs a Class 3 medical.
2nd he needs to take a Gyrocopter course They are readily available from Montreal to Toronto.
Gyrocopters in Canada have there own categories it's Gyrocopter

Has for me I been trying to pass the Medical and I'm about to give up even thinking of selling my Gyro.


Hi, Frank

Thanks for the info. So, can you give me a little more detail? How many hours are required? Does he need the equivalent of a priviat pilot, or is there a specific certificate for gyro?

Any idea what sort of money is envolved in getting certified?

Can you point us toward an CFI in the Edmonton region?




Frank, found a web site that indicates you only need a 4th class medical for the Canadian Recreational license. If I under stand the 4th class correctly, it is a self declaration of medical similar to the driver license medical in the US.

Do I understand correctly?



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[h=1]Here is a link to training...

Almost anyone can learn to fly a gyro. Aside from the limitations listed below, there is very little in the way of preparation required or limitations applied to someone wishing to undertake a few trial lessons. However, before anyone can solo, they need a student pilot permit.

[h=2]Student pilot permit[/h]
To get your Student pilot permit and fly solo (no passenger), Transport Canada requirements are:

Minimum age: 14

CPL / PPL* holder
  • 12 hours of dual flight
  • 20 hours of ground school

Pilot with no license
  • Minimum 12 hours of dual flight
  • 40 hours of ground school
  • Pass the PSTAR exam (at training unit)
  • A category 3 medical certificate, delivered by a civil aviation medical examiner – Find a medical examiner
  • Get the Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Certificate (at training unit)
[h=2]Gyroplane pilot permit[/h]
To get your Gyroplane pilot permit, Transport Canada requirements are :

Minimum age: 17

CPL / PPL holder
  • Get 30 hours of flight (including dual time)
  • Pass a flight test with your instructor
  • Pass the GYROP exam of TC (50 questions – pass mark: 60%)

Pilot with no licence
  • Get 45 hours of flight (including dual time)
  • Pass a flight test with your instructor
  • Pass the GYROP exam of TC (50 questions – pass mark: 60%)

* PPL: private pilot license CPL: commercial pilot license [h=2]Privileges of a pilots permit:[/h]

Gyroplanes – Privileges

CAR401.20 The holder of a pilot permit – gyroplane may, under VFR, act as

(a) pilot-in-command of a gyroplane of a type for which the permit is endorsed with a rating; and

(b) pilot-in-command or co-pilot of an aircraft for the sole purpose of the holder’s flight training or flight test where

(i) in the case of flight training,

(A) it is conducted under the direction and supervision of a flight instructor qualified in accordance with section 425.21 of the personnel licensing standards, and

(amended 2001/03/01; previous version)

(B) no passenger is carried on board, and

(ii) in the case of a flight test,

(A) it is conducted in accordance with Section 401.15, and

(B) no passenger other than the person referred to in paragraph 401.15(1)(a) is carried on board.


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Thanks ALL_In you pretty much give him the same info I was about to post.

during your training you get all the hours you need since you need solo hours after your main schooling is done.
you need to rent of use your own machine to solo.

I have my own Gyrocopter since it's cheaper. to buy then rent.