Calidus vs Ela Eclipse 10 What is your opinion?


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I am close to buying a auto gyro I have not seen either of these aircraft but will before I buy. But for the people who have seen the Calidus and The Ela eclipse 10 of these two tmodels what is your take on which craft you would rather have and why. Thank you in advance for you input.


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It depends on your mission.

What about gyroplanes do you find alluring?

What gyroplane did you get your training in?

What did you like and dislike about it?

I have not flown the ELA Eclipse so I can't compare them to a Calidus.

The ELA appears to fly well and is nicely finished.

I liked the Calidus a lot; fast and smooth. I found the power-pitch-yaw coupling disquieting and was busy on the rudders. It seemed a little cramped.

I prefer an open tandem like the American Ranger and I enjoy its effective empennage. I have not flown an American Ranger with the canopy.

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j bird
Andy, not to hijack your post but just want to say, I see you live in Payson, I love Payson and the rim area, spent many times in my teenage years hunting and camping in your area, just want to let the folks know, awesome place to live.


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When I went to Texas to test fly the Magni, there was an ELA in the hangar. We came back to find fuel leaking out of the ELA onto the ground. Apparently fuel tank problems are common. You might look into if the tank is removable or easily replaceable. It sounded like it isn't, but I'm not sure.


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Composite fuel tanks are troublesome with fuel formulations changing seasonally and year over year. Stick with pure Mogas instead of car gas. I learned that lesson the hard way manufacturing trikes. Switched materials and have never had the same problems again. Vinyl Ester resins are supposed to be ethanol resistant but not ethanol proof. It sucks even more when fuel tanks are designed to be part of the structure and not removable. You are really toast and can only do half baked repairs like a sloshing compound or an insert-able fuel bladder. None of them last long term. Ask me how I know. I have the T-shirt.


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ELA seem to be still struggling with the fuel tank issue ... saw a friends one stripped down ... the tank is glued to the body & cabin liner ... needs a challenging full rebuild to replace / bladder liner NOT a good solution ... need to redesign with proper fuel tank material, easily removable for replacement! ... ROYAL PITA design! ...shame , - they are fast , agile, sexy & nice fliers!
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Whats wrong with looking at the american ranger or the titanium explorer,both are really nice and well built from what I have read.
eddie;n1134981 said:
Whats wrong with looking at the American Ranger or the Titanium Explorer, both are really nice and well built from what I have read.
He is comparing the Calidus to the Eclipse. Both have enclosed cockpits.
The Ranger and the Explorer are open cockpits.
He is in Northern Arizona; it snows on occasion there.
If he plans to fly through the winter, Cabin Heat would be a desirable feature.


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I agree with you on that Bill that's the reason I bought an RAF, enclosed cabin and heat. I fly year round and really

enjoy flying in the winter.I have flown a lot of open cockpit planes and don't enjoy the bitter cold any more.


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Have you considered Sport Copter's newest model, the M2?

It's a side-by-side, enclosed cabin, robust "off-road" gyro with full suspension and castering NW.
Rotax 915iS (or 914 or 912).
Carbon prepreg body mounted on a beefy frame. Chrome-moly 4130 mast.
Big 6.00x6 tires. Rough field capability.
All new carbon-fiber tail, with improved performance.
Simple flat curve poly windscreen (cheaply replaceable from local sources).
Designed for the Australian cattle ranchers, with their considerable input.

I don't think any other 2-place gyro can beat it for quality, ruggedness, and utility.
And I think it's less money than either a Cavalon or M24.
Kits (with Rotax 912) start at $86,500.

It's available in Spring 2019, and the prototype can be seen at 2018 Oshkosh AirVenture.