Bensen off-set-gimbal dwgs.


Hi: I found a drawing in my papers that is labeled 8-102-120A, 8-20P, OFF-SET-GIMBAL. It mentions to see dwg. 8-102-120 (with out the A). It also mentions to see "CONSTRUCTION STEPS" "A" UPPER FORK ASSEMBLY, STEPS NO.8 THROUGH NO.12. Does anyone have access to these drawings and step sheets that they would be willing to post or tell me where I could find them? Also, in the fabrication sheets where it shows you drilling through the 2" square tube it shows but does not mention what the clearance is to be between the inside wall and the drill. I have seen where other gyros have been made and they held 1/64" to 1/32". Would this be the same dimension that I should hold? Thanks for any help anyone can supply.