Bensen days!!!!!


Gyroplane CFI
I am excited about Bensen Days because I will get to spend some time with some wonderful friends and meet new friends that have a common passion for Autogiros.

I will get to see how people have handled the details of creating their perception of an improved gyroplane.

As I sit beside the runway I will get to see many unique Autogiros fly.

I hope to get several hours of dual instruction.

I will get to meet people from this forum and look them in the eye as they communicate.

I expect to learn a great deal.

I will walk with giants.

That’s what I am excited about, Vance


Gyroplane CFI
Thanks Vance, my sediments exactly only I could say it so eloquently as you did. :first:
Your welcome Greg, you are one of the friends I am looking forward to visiting with.

I always enjoy your gregarious nature and learn from your example.

If things work out I will have Ed with me and I look forward to her meeting some of the people she has heard so much about. She was at the freedom fly in briefly to launch me toward home. This will be her first multi day immersion into the world and people of Autogiros.

Thank you, Vance
Vance- I am looking forward to chatting with you. John, aka Allin and I will be staying at the Best Western. You must attend out breakfast pow wows!

Thanks for teaching me new words. I swear some of them arent even in the dictionary....



Parsons 2 (AirHog)
Vance, I hope to meet you as well at Bensen Days. This year will be my first visit but not my last to Bensen Days.
Hope to meet all that has posted here on the fourm. A great bunch of folks.
Cant wait to see all the machines.


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I'm stoked up for sure. I have a lot to get done before going down though.
Can wait to see everybody.

Thanks Vance, my sediments :boink: exactly only I could say it so eloquently as you did. :first:
Sediments ??? Isn't that what ends up at the bottom of something. :rolleyes:

Sorry Greg, couldn't help myself. :D

greg spicola

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Sorry Fill thats the down side of hooked on fonics. :eek:

"leave him alone while he is centrifuging his thoughts"

Hang on JC while I look up the meaning of that word.......


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I am excited for the twenty second time! [I missed two years when I retired]
Looking forward to seeing all of you.

greg spicola

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That means that his head is spinning, right? :)
Hey doesn't this mean I can log this as rotor flight time.... yep now I'm feel
gyroscopic precession and Coriolis effect. :D

Oops now I posted again, gotta go to airport on the way home from work today and get a fly :cool: