Bensen Day's Role Call


I will be making a day trip from the Ocala Fl. area on Friday or Saturday. I may even be bringing a friend who is interested in Gyros but has never seen one. If you notice a couple older Harley riders walking around looking lost feel free to say Hi :)


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Um...this thread is for attendance at B-Days, right??? I feel like I just stepped into the ladies room instead of the men's room...with my fly already unzipped cuz I gotta go real bad after 5 beers...

I and Gergyro Bee expect to arrive Thursday, fly Friday + Saturday, and leave Sunday . Guess I'll sleep in the back of my Durango.


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I deleted the troll posts, and it responses.
I'll also start deleting posts when thread hijacking starts.
If you want to play around and post nothing but bull****, use the 'Off Topic' section.

And GyroCentric, I ran an IP search and I now know both of you usernames.
Unless you want your accounts and IP adresses banned, stop trolling.


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Wauchula 3/31

Wauchula 3/31

I'm coming in Monday AM for Bob Stark's class. Coming empty handed, leaving 170EZ at home. I offered to volunteer on my registration form. So, I'll check your "to-do" list after class.........


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Sorry, but my airport directory is not with me, so,

What is the Wauchula Airport identifier? I have a friend who may fly down.

Cheers :)