Bensen Day's Role Call

greg spicola

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I started this thread for two main reasons 1) To try to get an Airpark (ballpark)
figure of how many forum members and Gyros will attend (so we can plan on
putting some faces with our posts) ;) and 2) So I might have an idea of how many people I may be able to goat rope in to a volunteer spot :D (need to know
how much rope to bring :boink: )

So I will start
I will be there this week end for setup 3-28 thru 3-29 and 4-3 thru 4-6
with Gyro!

Next !


A 'lil twisted
You posted this in your chapters forum, but you asked about forum members.. not just chapter members.. so here ya go.

I'll be there either the night of the 30th or the night of the 31st depending on how long it takes me to finish packing.

I'm in camping spot C3 with a Soma gyro.


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I'll be there, Wed? Dominator....Staying with Tim C. Do I need to bring anything?

Have a nice cold adult beverage ready for me! :)


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Sunstate/Forum member: will be there{lord willing} on the afternoon of sat. the 29th.
Will be glad to be "goat roped". See you there! Bud

Joe Pires

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This moron will be there for the class on Monday and Tuesday. Not sure if i will have a gyro there or not. I will be back Friday - Sunday with my my ultrablackandwhitepegonataor for sure.

Not Yet

Sunstate/Forum member: will be there{lord willing}about brunch time of sat. the 29th.
Will be glad to be "goat roped".


Tim Chick
I'll be there Monday afternoon/evening, motorhome willing. Scott, I'll have some cold Pepsis waiting for you if that's strong enough. They'll be cafeinated, not those wimpy diet ones.

Adam H

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I will be there with my blue tailed honeybee and Angie (recreation director) from Tuesday through Saturday.


Goat Rope Me........

Goat Rope Me........

I'm paddling as fast as I can.
Plan to be there Sunday morning, hope I'm not too late to help out in some way.
Got a question. Are kites not allowed to be flown on an airport? I thought Dakota might like one for his birthday, if he can fly the darned thing! If not, gotta think of somethin' else.
See you guys Sunday...........

greg spicola

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Well Trez I think we'll just have to watch how high and where he can fly it. :party:I think that's a great gift for him.


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I'll Be there Monday and Tuesday during the day. I'll be staying at the Best Western Wednesday through Sunday. Thanks to Stan The Man for sharing a room with me.