Bensen Days - Legends Round Table

Joe Pires

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I was talking to Scott today and he said they are working on a Legend's Round Table to be held at Bensen Days, possibly Friday night. He is going to try to get Ernie Boyette, Chuck Beaty, Dick Degraw, Gary Goldsberry and maybe a few others Legends of the sport, to field questions under the tent. If you think its a good idea, encourage him to move on it.

Oh yeah...have you made your reservations for Bensen Days yet???


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Thats an excellent idea, a great way to get the right answers instead answers that someone read somewhere.


Isn't Friday night Castle night?? Kinda fitting for a Knight's meeting.

I think it's a good idea as long as no one brings a loaded topic to the table that is going to start any argument. Just sayin.


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CLT by itself, is a argument and a controversy to those who will not accept it's axiomatic evidence , so if there is to be discussion, there will also be argument, but this should not be grounds for not going into the subject.