BeachFlight AR-1 gyro video


AR-1 gyro manufacturer
BeachFlight Aviation in GulfShores, AL is our dealer and my friend Gary Berdeux who has been a SP-Instructor for WSC (trikes) is soon going to be a gyroplane SP-Instructor as well there.
Enjoy the little video he made recently with his beautiful AR-1
DavePA11;n1136348 said:
Great video. Look like a blast to fly the AR-1.
Thanks for the video. I met Gary last weekend as he was starting his preflight. He really likes flying the AR-1, especially the lack of turbulence. I'm two miles north of the Gulf Shores airport (KJKA) and recognize the sound of a gyro from in the house, and always run out to see it. When my wife and I are on the beach, it's wonderful to see a gyroplane cruise by. I've been wanting to get checked out in this AR-1 ever since they got it a couple months ago, but missed the sky too much and broke down and bought a fixed wing last month. In six months or so when the newness of the fixed wing wears off, I'll look forward to getting with Gary for a check out.