Balancing on the mains


Best seat in the house!
All_In :
Thanks, it was good to meet you after a year of talking on the forum to a picture.
Enjoyed the talks


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Chris, should have mentioned that. First thing I thought when I saw you was that you were looking pretty trim.

Good for performance.:)


Best seat in the house!
Well guys I thank you for making my head on my shoulder swell up.

I was at 233 lbs a few months ago. and my goal is 180 lbs. I know that i can do it if I can quit smoking and it has been almost 3 years now I can do this too. Oh by the way I am now as of this morning at 207 I am losing about 1 pound every 1 to 2 days.

If this keeps on I am going to have to re-hang my bird. I do feel much better. I have not weighed 180 since I was in my 40's

But I did have a good rack of baby back ribs at my brother in laws house. I even got to share my bed with mrs. piggie

Gab I thing you have lost some too!