Aviomania G2sA-2 build


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Apr 21, 2008
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Dang, Minus 4c, & 3c makes me know I'm such a wimp!!

Can anyone suggest a good snowmobile suit???

Unless there is a hot tube at the end of the ski slope count me out.
It's too cold to even go outside on the few nights it's 10c /50f for most southern Ca's.

This wimp is going to need a snowmobile suit even when it is 21.2 / 70f!! Lower than that I'll, fly the Archer Fw with a heater or better borrow Ron's ARGON. It's so good to have friends!


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Oct 30, 2003
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Many of the snowmobile suits are made from synthetics that will melt to my skin in a fire.

Fire retardant clothing may be a better choice.

My five layer Nomex racing suit was very warm but I looked like the Michelin Man.

Even a two layer Nomex fire suit offers a lot of insulation from the cold.

A single layer Nomex racing suit doesn’t provide a lot of warmth.

If you have the power an electric vest makes a very big difference in my enjoyment of cold weather flying.

Most Rotax powered gyroplanes do not have enough power for an electric vest.

Some sort of balaclava makes a big difference flying in an open aircraft in cold weather.

Quality wool socks make a big difference as do quality foot wear.


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Jul 2, 2007
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Good layering is imperative. What I do have now and didn't then was good quality thin thermals.

Wolfy you make me realise what a wimp I was being. 30 mins versus 7 hours at colder temps is a huge contrast. :)

I suppose I didn't have the incentive of being on the job, and had left trying to be hard, in the dim and distant past.

Being out on cold weather exercises when it was part of the job description were one thing...and I disliked it intensely then. A little older, much softer, and perhaps with lower limitations and the choice to say f**k this for a game of soldiers, something else.

Besides the Bensen never left me with a warm fuzzy feeling of stability. I loved it for its extreme agility, that dependent no doubt upon its extreme instability. I always felt if I released the stick it would kill me...and when I ceased feeling that, decided to call it a day.