Autoflight Redrive on 2.5 Subaru

Hi David, I have three photos that show the breather system on my autoflight re-drive and the white reservoir bottle is mounted higher for breathing purposes. I found it important to have as big a fitting attached to the top plug which acts as a chamber which allows air to seperate from any oil pushed out. You'll find that this backs off as the oil temperature rises and the oil will drain back via gravity. Hope this will help!

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Thx Mark. Good to know information about oil level. Attached is a pic of how mine is set up.


  • Autoflight Redrive on 2.5 Subaru
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The sub 4 was phased out around 2007 and the later ones are known as the autoflight . Neil is still making them but usually to order. He is still a very busy man.
Yours looks good, if you still have oil discharge i can only suggest that you move the catch bottle higher as that is what i had to do to get around that problem.
Damn.....I miss this stuff & you all !