ArrowCopter in Perfume Promotion


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This summer the Loewe company launched a new fragrance for men: "Essencia". The launch happened in Spain, and they wanted to use Spanish inventor and aviation pioneer Juan de la Cierva and his autogiro machines in their ads.

They used historical footage to show the autogiro of the past and the ArrowCopter to visualize the vision of the future. For photographing and filming my ArrowCopter was in Spain twice. The result is three high quality promotional films, each with a different focus.

The first video shows a male model and some shots of the ArrowCopter.

The second video is extremely interesting because it interviews Juan de la Cierva`s nephew. He talks a bit about his uncle and his own inventions (he invented the first camera stabilization system).

The third video is an interview with ArrowCopter's Director of Sales, Lukas Schweighofer.

The quote of Juan de la Cierva in the end got me to smile:

Juan de la Cierva said:
If in doubt, maintain altitude.
Nobody has ever crashed into the sky.
I hope you enjoy them.

Greetings, -- Chris.
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I'm not sure if associating your aviation product with a cosmetic is a good or less than a good thing.

Can Director of Sales, Lukas Schweighofer give us any update on recent sales or deliveries to end customers of gyrocopters following the recent financial restructuring.

It appears quiet on the delivery front. All gyrocopter news welcomed. Thanks


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Chris I thought the videos were very well done & the ArrowCopter shots looked really good. I started reading your trip across the US that was really cool. Thanks for recording your trip it was fun to read.


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Huh ... I had to take a double take on that. A perfume and a gyroplane? I thought I had seen it all. I am not sure what to make of it but I guess its cool.


Smells like

Smells like

For those who don't own an Arrowcopter, they can smell like one.

Actually Chris has done a very good job of getting great publicity for the newer gyros. The new style will be represented in a favorable light to an audience able to go and fly them.

We need more perfume videos and less postal videos so that we as a sport don't stink.


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It was, I thought an interesting series of adverts. I liked them. They talk about the power of dreams of inspiration, and the desire for excellence. Whether reaching for the sky or creating a scent that appeals to the senses.

The power of the mind and the emotions that stir and move it.

I always remember the early postings you made of this guy who dreamed of making a gyro that was inspirational. And he did.

I though they were well done and the link that the creator of these adverts was trying to make certainly resonated with me.


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I liked that the marketing agency tried an unconventional approach to link emotions to a smell. That the nephew of Juan de la Cierva tals about his uncle and sat in my gyro gives me a historical connection to the roots of all gyros. Personally, I believe this campaign can only benefit our sport.

-- Chris.


It's a small world... The blue machine in the Kadjar ad, EC-LSI, is the gyro I've recently flown for the five hours I needed to keep my gyro licence...
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I have to admit, I was excited to see the Arrowcopter in a commercial when I read the title of this thread. However, IMHO the shots at the airport and in the hangar appear poorly done and cheaply shot. There are a couple sequences that have good parts, however, the advertisement just doesn't have the polished feel I had hoped for. It seems like much more attention was paid to the audio, which seems to be fairly good quality. I'm not saying I have the abilities to make it better, but I would be disappointed in the video if that were my product being sold.

The Renault ad seems much more polished and more well done (probably a lot higher budget), and the gyro scenes look better than the Loewe ad. However, the gyro scenes still don't seem as well done as the rest of the ad.